Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Large Group

The participants and Recipes for our March Swap are:
Virginia - Chicken Pot Pie
Jana - Seven Flavor Hamburger
Kelly - Chicken Cacciatore
Kelly - Spicy Sloppy Joes
Marci - Chicken Tortilla Soup
Melissa S. - Sesame Tilapia
Cathy - Chicken Curry in a Hurry
Malissa O. - Chicken Enchiladas

Great swap today! We've got lots of yummy meals and I'm excited about doing very little cooking this week and trying all the new stuff. We're learning as we go. A few things we've learned so far:

1. It's really important to write a names on each bag/dish. This can really hep our Swap to go smoother and make sure everyone has the correct meals!

2. I think it might be best for everyone to bring a second container in addition to the cooler (Laundry basket, perhaps?) This way everyone can have one container to put your take-home meals into, as you're unloading your prepared meals from your cooler and distributing them.

3. We'll be sure to allow lots of time for shopping sales. Sale prices can stretch a long way when cooking on this scale.

Thanks ladies! I'm looking forward to April!

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